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Sew Mate Rainbow Thread Cutters


Image of Sew Mate Rainbow Thread Cutters
  • Image of Sew Mate Rainbow Thread Cutters
  • Image of Sew Mate Rainbow Thread Cutters

These are the greatest little scissors to have on hand for all your projects, especially when you carry your needlework projects around with you.

Small and sharp, the blades on these thread cutters handle all kinds of threads beautifully. They can even be used as your designated goldwork scissors, because they're affordable enough to replace. (Goldwork wires can damage scissors, so you don't want to use your best scissors for goldwork.)

If you travel, these are perfect scissors to carry along. They're easy to see because of their colorful handles. They're small. They're light. They're perfectly functional and sharp. And if you lose them, they won't break the bank.

They're affordable enough to have multiple pairs on hand, to "kit up" with each of your projects.

Best yet, they're just great little scissors! I always have a pair within easy reach, and they are the only scissors I ever travel with. I love 'em!

Styles Available

3.25" pink with straight, small, narrow blades
3.5" aqua with slightly wider blades
3.5" purple with curved, slightly wider blades*

*The blades on the purple scissors are slightly curved. They're an excellent solution for trimming away bits of fabric with whitework, cutwork, and drawn thread work. They also cut waste knots well - right next to the fabric surface for a clean cut.


Individually purchased, these scissors will ship via Ground Select to US addresses.**

In combination with other products that ship Priority, the scissors will ship via Priority Mail. When applicable, shipping costs will be combined and any notable difference will be refunded at the time of shipping.

**If you are in Canada and you want to add these scissors to an order that can ship to Canada, please contact me and I'll arrange it for you.

Please read further information on shipping, returns, and refunds here.