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I learned to embroider when I was a kid, when everyone was really into cross stitch (remember the '80s?). Eventually, I migrated to surface embroidery, teaching myself with whatever I could get my hands on...read more

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Needle Threaders


Image of Needle Threaders
  • Image of Needle Threaders
  • Image of Needle Threaders
  • Image of Needle Threaders

These lovely needle threaders designed by Michelle at Kiriki Press are not only beautiful, but they are wonderfully functional.

Designed and made in Canada, they are unique in the embroidery world. They will add a special touch to your embroidery workbox, etui, or tool wallet, while making it a whole lot easier to thread your needles!

The needle threaders are made from thin stainless steel. They are one piece, so that they don't accidentally pull apart when in use. The hooks and holes for the thread are smooth and free of burrs. (Please note that they are stainless steel with a brushed-type finish. They are not black.)


Micro: fine floss and silk threads, for #12 and larger embroidery needles

Classic: floss and crewel wool, for #9 and larger embroidery needles

Tapestry: crewel wool, tapestry yarn, silk ribbon, for all sizes of tapestry & chenille needles


Update, Autumn 2023: The manufacturer has changed the availability of the varieties and sizes of threaders.

The lace design threaders are now available only in the following designs at the size listed:

Micro Bunny
Classic Floral
Tapestry Bear

All lace sets, therefore, will consist of a Bunny, a Floral, and a Bear.

Please note: If any size or any complete set is not listed in the dropdown menu for purchase, it is because it is sold out.

Set discounts only apply to the sets that are in stock, already packaged as sets. Threaders listed individually are not available for packaging as sets, so if three individual threaders are purchased, they are priced individually.


Presently, the threaders ship via First Class mail to US addresses, when ordered singly or in a set of three. If they are part of a multi-item order, the order will ship Priority mail with the rest of the order.

Any notable excess shipping expenses that occur when ordering multiple items will be refunded when your order ships.

Please read further information on shipping, returns, and refunds here.