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Life in Seasons vol 1 by Nicola Jarvis

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Image of Life in Seasons vol 1 by Nicola Jarvis
  • Image of Life in Seasons vol 1 by Nicola Jarvis
  • Image of Life in Seasons vol 1 by Nicola Jarvis
  • Image of Life in Seasons vol 1 by Nicola Jarvis

Life in Seasons vol 1: Winter / Spring by Nicola Jarvis is an embroidery project book that focuses on flora and fauna inspired by the changing seasons in the artist's world.

The book offers eight projects to stitch, along with the story of their inspiration and other details about how these projects came to life.

Each design reflects the connection of animal and plant life in Nicola's unique embroidered "ecosystem" of flowing lines and intricate patterns, balancing texture and color with wool, silk, cotton, and metallic threads worked on printed panels.

There are lift-out pattern sheets at the end of the book, should you wish to recreate just the embroidery design. If you wish to create the entire vignette as presented in the book (with the printed fabric backgrounds), you can order kits directly from the author.

For more information, you can read my in-depth review of the book here.


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