The Marian Medallion Project: From Design to Delivery


by Mary Corbet
Project Compilation & Layout: Cindy Russell

A step-by-step creative journey in the making of a hand-embroidered ecclesiastical medallion, this e-book consolidates all articles and related tutorials having to do with the Marian Medallion Project, which was featured on Needle 'n Thread from 2011-2012. It also includes all helpful and informative comments and replies that relate to each article.

The 287-page PDF offers a clickable Table of Contents and Index, so that it is easy to navigate and find information within the e-book.

All articles are interlinked throughout the e-book, so that you can easily navigate to other subjects discussed in the book. Additionally, active links within the e-book allow the reader to jump right to the pertinent articles on Needle 'n Thread if desired.

The Marian Medallion Project e-book includes a thorough list of resources where supplies for this and similar goldwork & silk embroidery projects can be purchased.

The e-book can be viewed, read, and used on computers and devices that have the capability of opening PDFs (Adobe Reader may be required, if you don't already have it on your computer).

Pages can be printed for reference and personal use. You can choose whether to print a page, a chapter, or even the whole book!

The layout provides room for note-taking and commentary, research, and cross referencing, for the embroiderer who wants to work through the project, too.

File size: 52MB

The PDF file is delivered via a download link that will arrive via e-mail. Once the e-mail arrives, download the PDF directly to your own computer. The link expires after four days, although it can be re-sent to you, if necessary.

Please be aware that the file is large, and download times will depend on the speed of your internet connection.

If you have any difficulties with the download, please contact Mary Corbet.